10 Plus CrossFit – Notes

First off WOW!

We are a little over a week as a  CrossFit affiliate and already have had to add two more class times.  That is awesome!  We have also had some great numbers go up on the board this week.  Very impressive stuff.  Jerry was over 400 on deadlift yesterday and Tim bested his previous deadlift by 135 pounds!  The ladies were very impressive as well.  Shea at 165, Nidia at 195, and Santi also at 165.  I know I did not mention everyone by name but trust me I noticed.  Everyone is changing by leaps and bounds.

So with any new change it is going to take some adjustment.  Sorry that everyone has to grow through this with me but it is part of the growing process.  In order to help us all out I am opening the CrossFit class schedule up to a full week.  This means you will be able to register for the classes you want for the entire week at one time.  This will help me plan ahead and know where I need to add more classes sooner and ensure everyone has a slot.  Hopefully I will be able to better plan for our future as well!  This also means you will be responsible for signing up for only those classes you can attend.  If you enroll for a class and do not show up it could prevent someone who is able to come from attending.  I think the problem is self evident.  Enrollment needs to take place online and in advance and not at the counter.  Sorry guys.  We probably have some bad habits established by now that will have to be changed.  If you are having trouble with your account just ask and I will help you get it fixed.  Now life does happen.  If something comes up simply call 501-219-1400 and we will remove you from the class.  No big deal at all.  This frees up your seat.

Thanks again for everyone getting the word out so quickly about our affiliation.  Please keep on letting people know about us.  We are in for some very exciting things here in the near future.  More classes will be coming soon as well as…

See you in the box!



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